South Florida

Miami 5th Best City for Foodies, Study Says

Eat this up, South Florida: Miami is one of the top cities for “foodies,” according to a new study from WalletHub.

“Foodies” are defined as people who don’t only enjoy eating savory foods, but who go the extra step to explore, taste and learn from authentic restaurants and food festivals. The study notes that the term – which was first used in 1980 – describes the exploratory experience of discovering food.

Miami nabbed the number 5 spot, just behind Los Angeles and New York. San Francisco leads the nation in “foodie” culture at number 1.

To measure how “foodie” friendly a city is, WalletHub analyzed several factors, including food affordability, diversity and quality. The study also looked at the number of craft breweries, wineries, food trucks, festivals and farmers markets in a given area. Cost of groceries and average cost of beer/wine were also measured.

180 U.S. cities were included in the study. Orlando swooped in just behind Miami at number 6, while Fort Lauderdale ranks at number 30.

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