Miami Police Officer Returns After Army Tour in Afghanistan

It was a beautiful reunion as some of Miami’s finest welcomed home one of their own after a lengthy deployment in Afghanistan Friday.

Fellow officers with the City of Miami Police Department and her close family gathered at Miami International Airport to welcome home Officer Roselyn Paz.

The 27-year-old has been in Afghanistan for nearly a year. On top of her job as a police officer, she has been part of the U.S. Army since she was 17 years old.

Paz says this was a difficult deployment and though she didn't go into detail about her experiences in the Middle East, she did admit the hardest part is always being away from home for the holidays.

The officer says she wasn't expecting such a warm reception, and there were definitely plenty of hugs and tears. She said what she missed the most was family and work.

"People over there were like 'I’m not excited to come back to work’ but I’m actually excited to come back and get back on the road and enjoy life again," she said.

Officer Paz is now looking forward to switching her Army uniform for her police uniform.

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