Miami Restaurant Kouzina Greek Bistro Found Using Uninspected Prep Area, Fined by State

A Greek restaurant that NBC 6 Investigators witnessed using an adjacent shed as an uninspected food preparation area has been fined $400 by the state.

Kouzina Greek Bistro, in Miami’s Midtown neighborhood, was charged with obstructing and interfering with a restaurant inspector who wanted to see the inside of the shed.

Without admitting or denying the allegation, Kouzina agreed to pay the fine and to face further punishment – up to suspension of its license -- if a follow-up inspection determined the restaurant was violating the state rules.

The follow-up inspection did not uncover any violations and a manager told NBC 6 Investigators last month the shed is not being used to store or prepare food.

In November, NBC 6 cameras captured raw meat being left in the open 80-degree air for hours inside the shed, where cheese was being cut and other foods were seen being prepared or stored.

By the time a state inspector arrived and asked for access to the shed, it was locked and a restaurant manager said he did not have a key.

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