Miami Shores Mayor Fights Off Would-Be Purse Snatchers

The mayor of Miami Shores put up a fight when money-hungry thieves preyed on her at a local coffee shop.

The incident happened Tuesday at the Starbucks located on northeast 94th Street and 2nd Avenue in Miami Shores.

The suspects targeted Alice Burch as she sipped coffee outside; one of the crooks grabbing her purse.

There was a struggle between Burch and the thief until the suspects eventually took off in a car, police said.

Several witnesses said Burch was robbed at gunpoint. "It was scary, but yet I was impressed by Alice. But, it was a dangerous situation," explained one witness.

Officials said there was a brief pursuit and bailout at a warehouse near northwest 80th Street and 2nd Avenue.

Officers were able to catch up to two suspects with a possible third suspect still on the run. The suspects were allegedly driving a stolen car. 

Mayor Burch was not injured in the incident.

Police say last week another robbery happened at the same location near the parking lot area. 

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