Miami to Give $8.5M in Business Grants, Gift Cards to Residents for Covid Relief

The City of Miami will be distributing some $8.5 million in business grants and gift cards to residents as part of a new coronavirus relief program.

Mayor Francis Suarez announced the program at a news conference Wednesday, saying the money will come from CARES Act funding that went to Miami-Dade County.

Suarez said about $3.5 million will go to residents impacted by COVID-19 in the form of gift cards for up to $250. The gift cards are unavailable for now, as officials said they are still awaiting confirmation from the Human Services Department.

The money will be given out by districts with those in need getting the most, after signing an affidavit that they've been affected by the pandemic. About $5 million will go to businesses in the form of a grant, with each business getting up to $20,000.

Only businesses that can prove a loss of income and show they have not received any other federal funds can be eligible. The money must be reimbursed for businesses.

"Businesses are hurting, they need to pay the rent, they need to plate pay their employees, so it’s going to be something they have flexibility to be able to use but it is a significant amount of money and we’re going to try to get it out there as quickly as possible," Suarez said.

Suarez said he hopes the money will go out by Dec. 31. Business owners in the City of Miami can apply for the grant here.

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