Miami Welcomes 2010 With Oranges, Hope

The Magic City welcomes the new year in style

Thousands of cheering revelers ringed in the New Year in downtown Miami, welcoming 2010 with a big smiling Orange and a spectacular fireworks show.

Sporting 2010 hats and using a variety of noisemakers, spectators descended on the Intercontinental Hotel for the annual raising of the Orange, a South Florida tradition for the past 20 years.

As the booming of fireworks ended, and before the smoke had time to clear, onlookers were already looking toward the new year and their resolutions.

"My New Years resolution is to be more ambitious and enjoy my life in a more positive way and just let go of all the negativity and drama," said Christina Rodd. "I believe 2010 is gonna treat me a lot better."

While 2009 was a tough year for many Miamians, some said they'll remember it not necessarily for the bad things.

"It was all right, a good year, I graduated college," said Dave Johnson. "Feeling good, feeling life, loving life right now."

Whichever way 2009 will be remembered, most were in agreement that 2010 can only be better.

"My new years resolution is happiness," said Lisa Clifford. "It was a great year, but 2010's gonna be better."

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