“A Pair of Nuts” Kick Off Comedy Fest

Yamil Piedra and Johnny Trabanco have taken their nutty local comedy nationwide

Yamil Piedra and Johnny Trabanco are "A Pair of Nuts."

That's the name of their comedy act, and it couldn't be more fitting. This off-the-wall duo from Miami met while in college at Florida International University and the chemistry was instant.

"Every time Yamil and me went on stage together," said Trabanco, "there were comedy explosions."

Think Abbott and Costello, if they were Cuban and from Miami.

"It's like Saturday Night Live with two guys in your face," said Trabanco. "A lot of costumes and characters. It's insane."

On Wednesday night, they kicked off the South Beach Comedy Festival with a performance at Lucky Strike.

In March, they're starring in a Spanish sketch-comedy show for Mega-TV called "El Vacilon." And a few months ago, the Miami duo was featured on Last Call with Carson Daly.

"That was big for us," Piedra said. "When my agent called to tell me it was happening, I was like,'What?' I thought he was kidding."

It was no joke, Piedra and Trabanco are taking the comedy world by storm with their unique style.

"A Pair of Nuts" is already living out a dream, making a living doing comedy, but being a part of the South Beach Comedy Festival has always been a goal.

"This is where the big boys play. This is Comedy Central," Piedra said. "We thought, 'How could there be a comedy festival in Miami without a pair of nuts?'"

We couldn't have said it better.

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