Family Seeking Answers After Trespasser Allegedly Shoots, Kills Cat With Arrow

A Miramar family is devastated after they say a stranger trespassed onto their property and shot their cat with an arrow, killing it.

The family's mother said the incident happened around 2:00 a.m., last Saturday.

"Apparently, they knew where she slept," the mother says. "So they started a hunt."

Surveillance footage outside the home shows a hooded man walking around the backyard of the home. He can be seen shining a light into some bushes before walking away.

Moments later, the cat - named Lola - is seen scurrying behind a couple of potted plants.


The mother says her son found Lola the next day, lying on the ground and not moving. After taking the cat to the vet for an x-ray, she says doctors found an arrow that pierced Lola's spine.

The family was then forced to put Lola down.

The mother says she does not know what motivated the person to shoot Lola and did not recognize the man.

A police report was filed by the family.

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