Missing Miami Mom Says She Was Held Captive, Forced Into Prostitution

Woman who went missing with infant says she was held in horrifying captivity

The Miami woman who was found alive with her infant Thursday morning after they went missing four days ago says she was held captive by a man who drugged her and forced her into prostitution.

Shatevia Rice, 18, says she had sex with nearly a dozen men while she was held in a home by a pimp who went by the name "Daddy."

"He made me dress up and take pictures of me and put 'em on the Internet," Rice said Thursday, hours after she and 6-month-old daughter Tamia were returned to her mother's home in the 400 block of Northwest 48th Street.

Rice said "Daddy" forced her to "have sex with men for money" while Tamia was in another room of the home.

"I could've left, like tried to make a run for it, but my baby was there, I couldn't leave my baby there," Rice said. "I didn't want to leave my baby there. She was in the back room."

Rice said seven other women were being held in the home, but she couldn't remember where it was. She said pit bulls were inside the home to get the women from leaving.

Police say Rice and her daughter left her mother's home on Sunday so she could cut her friend's hair. Rice said at some point she was brought to the other home, where she was drugged and beaten by "Daddy."

Rice had posted a cryptic message on social media Wednesday, indicating she was in danger, police said. Rice said "Daddy" had her call her family Wednesday to tell them she was fine and to get her "off the news."

Relatives said Rice and the infant were dropped off at her mother's house around 1 a.m. Thursday. Rice was able to convince the man to let her go, relatives said.

"She didn't say a whole lot because she was traumatized," stepfather Innis Washington said. "She's in fairly good condition, just traumatized, mentally."

They said she was beaten up, didn't have her purse or wallet, and was wasn't wearing the clothes she left in.

"Last night, my lip was swollen," Rice said. "Everything has gone down, my face was swollen, he hit me in the eye."

The family called police, who took Rice in for questioning and released her later Thursday morning.

"She really can't remember nothing," sister Darshella Streeter said. "Police said she could have been drugged, she could have been hit in the head."

Relatives said Tamia, who needs medication for a digestive issue, was unharmed.

"We don't know what happened still, we still waiting to try to find out how this incident took place, what happened, how she returned, who the people were," Rice's aunt, Cynthia Banks, said. "We can't answer really if it is true or not...we're still trying to find out what's going on, if this is for real."

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