Mom Defends Margate Woman Charged with Trying to Kill Man

The mother of a Margate woman arrested and charged for allegedly trying to kill a man says her daughter was the victim of abuse.

Alyssia McChristian, 29, was ordered held in jail with no bond Monday after the State Attorney's Office said she and two unknown suspects tied up and tried to kill Gregory Jean. She was in tears when she appeared before a judge on attempted murder charges.

The suspect's mother, Marilyn Nash, is defending the 29-year-old, saying the "tables have been turned." She said McChristian told her the alleged victim was abusive. She flew down from Chicago to speak at Monday's court hearing, but she didn't make it in time.

"There has been a history of domestic abuse with this individual. I believe she was severely, very scared," said Nash.

On Saturday, Jean managed to escape a barrage of bullets inside a home on Southwest 11th Street and 55th Avenue, Margate police said. He ran to a nearby Citgo Gas station and called for help.

"She was directing the two unknown males how to act when the alleged victim tried to escape. She tried to prevent his escape blocking him, evidence he alleges that he was tied up," the state prosecutor said Monday.

Jean was treated and released from the hospital.

Bullet casings were found at the scene, with one bullet found lodged inside a fence, Margate police said.

McChristian's family said she's been wrongfully accused.

"It's hurting because this is just not her, it's just not her," said Nash. Margate police said the shooting is domestic and NBC 6 uncovered a previous domestic violence case involving McChristian and Jean.

"She's a good woman. She's an honest lady, goes to work every day. She's not one to do something like that," said the suspect's friend, Rodney Davis.

Detectives said they are still searching for the other two suspects connected to the attempted murder.

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