Mom of Suspect in Miami Gardens Teen Shooting Collapses Outside Court

It was chaos outside the courtroom as the mother of one of the juveniles charged in the deadly shooting of a teen in Miami Gardens fainted and collapsed outside of juvenile court Wednesday.

Family members were at court Wednesday for a hearing in the death of 17-year-old Roderick Sweeting, who was gunned down outside an apartment complex on April 5.

The mother of one of the three teens charged in the shooting had attended the hearing and was walking outside when she suddenly collapsed. She was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

According to one of the suspects' attorneys the three boys accused of the shooting at one point were friends with Sweeting. Court documents claim the shooting was gang-related and that the suspects are in a gang called the Cloverleaf Boys.

Sweeting was shot 20 times and died just steps from his mother's front door while walking home from school, police said.

An arrest report also states the teens were caught on a nearby security camera in the act. At least one teens' finger prints were found on the fence, the report says.

The suspects, one age 16 and the others 15, are facing first-degree murder and attempted murder charges.

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