There's a Bear Out There!

A third bear sighting was reported Tuesday in Weston heightening concerns that the nosey neighbor may be trying to set up residence

A Weston resident called wildlife officials Wednesday after seeing a black bear in an open field laying in the sun, the third siting in the past four days.

State wildlife officials received reports over the weekend of two black bear sightings in the residential area, sparking concerns that there could be as many as two bears roaming the neighborhood. The rare close up views were the first sightings of bears in Broward County in 30 years.

Officials say the bear is about 180 pounds and doesn't appear to be a full grown adult. Despite the bear scare, residents shouldn't be too concerned about an attack, officials said.

The bear was spotted Saturday and Sunday in mitigation areas near the communities of Windmill Reserve and Isles of Weston. One family video taped the slender bear as it walked through a field near their backyard before disappearing in the distance.

The bear or bears probably just woke up from hibernation and are looking for an easy meal and what better entree than the trash cans of affluent residents. Weston pets have been known to eat well too and word travels fast in the woods when it comes to grub.

Wildlife officials warned residents Monday to not leave food or garbage out where the bears could gain access to them. Residents have been asked to keep their trash indoors until collection day.

The bear has eluded wildlife officials, who are standing by with a trap to relocate him further north.

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