Documents Reveal Details of Barahona Twins' Treatment

Barahona granddaughter reveals stories of how the twins were treated

Sworn statements released by the State Attorney's Office in the death of Nubia Barahona include details of the days leading up to when authorities discovered her body.

In the first interviews, rescuers spoke about the condition of adopted son Victor Barahona when they arrived at the scene.

"[Victor] was very fidgety and his hands I just remember him moving his hands weird like around his body and his eyes were constantly looking all around and I don't know he just looked scared to death," said responder Jamie Snelgrove.
Victor was found in a truck reeking of chemicals, according to Captain Adam Mackillop. His adoptive father Jorge Barahona was found lying face up in the grass next to the truck and was unresponsive, authorities said.

Firefighter paramedic Wayne Pittman said that the medics on rescue complained that their faces were burning.The uniforms of the responders were later disposed of, said Pittman.
"The child from the car was shivering uncontrollably so I carried him to my Road Range truck and put the heat on," officer Thomas Butler said.

Nubia's dead body was soaked with hazardous liquid, according to an affidavit. Her adoptive parents Jorge and Carmen Barahon have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges.
Victor also told Mackillop that his adoptive father had been huffing something.
The grandaughter of the Barahonas revealed the situation at the Barahona house to several members of the family.
"She told my mother that the kids were doing bad," Yovani Perez, ex-husband of Carmen's daughter, said.
The little girl also told her grandmother that Nubia and Victor were bound by their arms and legs inside of the bathtub and that the bathtub curtain was taped shut. Whenever she wanted to use the bathroom, Carmen would make sure that she had no contact with the twins in the tub, according to the documents.
"Mommy said that I can't tell this to anyone, and that this is a family secret, and that secret's aren't told, and even less to dad's family, because the secrets of this family, the other family can't know of," the grandmother told authorities.

The little girl also told her grandfather, Raul Perez, that she could hear the twins whimpering. She told him that Jorge Barahona would put Nubia and Victor inside of a green recycle garbage can in the middle of a sunny day and closed the lid, the documents said.
"She looked at me and started whimpering and she asked me that, if she would give me her savings and her piggy banks if I would be able to go and rescue the kids," Raul Perez said about his granddaughter.
Jorge Barahona did not have a relationship with his brother and sister and hadn't seen them in over three years, the documents said. His brother Julio said their relationship was estranged because Jorge degraded women and he didn't like that.
Jorge's sister Laura Barahona saw him just days before Nubia's body was discovered when he came to her home with Victor. She told authorities that Victor's lip was cut and his gums were swollen.
"It was like a child with a cleft lip. The lip was completely cut. It was still open. The upper part fo the lip was still open and it needed more stitches," she said.
She also worried about Nubia's whereabouts when Victor said the last time he had seen his sister was at a hotel the night before., the documents said.
Neighbor James Sheppard had been living in the community for 15 years and said that he had only seen Jorge and Carmen at the home.
"The only other person I've seen at the house is a young child. I've only seen him maybe five times," Sheppard told the court.
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