More Mojitos for Foreigners

International travelers are heading to South Florida thanks to declining hotel rates

Way to rub your lack of credit card debt in our faces, Europeans.

But just smile and nod, South Floridians, because unlike us, the recession hasn't stopped them from traveling.

Thanks to declining hotel rates - 11 percent in Miami this winter - international tourists can afford to stay in better digs on a modest budget. Hotels are giving more rooms to foreign travel wholesalers because Americans aren't shelling out.

Arturo Armayor, a wholesaler in North Bay Village, says thanks to the tanking economy, his clients don't have to settle for a hotel near the airport, opting instead to get fancy and take their vacation to Miami Beach.

In addition to not maxing out their AmExes, Adam Rogers of New York's Allied T Pro says Central Europeans also didn't throw all their money into the U.S. housing boom.

Hey Fritz, we've got some land in the Everglades we think you might be interested in.


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