More Molestation Charges for Cooper City Baseball Coach

A Cooper City youth baseball coach is facing more molestation charges after a second alleged victim came forward, authorities said.

David Solomon, 47, is facing two counts lewd and lascivious molestation of a victim under 12, according to a Broward County Sheriff's Office arrest report released Wednesday.

Solomon was arrested Tuesday and remained behind bars Wednesday, jail records showed. He was arrested last week on two counts of sexual assault of a victim under 12.

According to the latest arrest report, the 11-year-old boy said Solomon, his former baseball coach at the Optimist Club, had invited him to his home to spend time with his son, but when the boy got there, it was just him and Solomon.

This happened on at least three separate occasions, when the alleged molestations would take place, the report said.

On one occasion, on or around May 2, the boy was at a sleepover at Solomon's home when he was allegedly molested, the report said. Solomon had told the boy to sleep alone in a guest room instead of with Solomon's son, and Solomon came into the room and molested the boy, the report said.

The first alleged victim, another 11-year-old boy who played on the baseball team, claimed Solomon had sexually assaulted him during a sleepover at Solomon's house in April. The boy said the sexual assaults happened on as many as eight occasions and also occurred in Solomon's car while he was driving the boy home from the baseball fields, according to the arrest report.

Solomon had nicknames for the ways he touched the boy, the report said. Solomon told the boy he "could not tell anyone because it would violate the 'Bro Code,'" the report said.

After his first arrest, Solomon's attorney, Eric Schwartzreich, said he was confident Solomon would be cleared.

"Unfortunately, in charges like this he's got two courts he's got to address. The court of law and the court of public opinion," Schwartzreich said. "We are confident in the court of law he's going to be cleared, be found not guilty, and hopefully, in the court of public opinion will clear him as well."

The City of Cooper City and the Cooper City Optimist said Solomon passed comprehensive background checks, and added that he was removed from the volunteer coach roster.

"The city and the Optimists remain committed to safety as the first priority of the Optimists youth sports program within Cooper City," Mayor Greg Ross said in a statement.

Ken Weisberg, who said he knew Solomon when they were camp counselors years ago, was shocked by the allegations.

"I was just as shocked as probably everyone else who had been involved with him," Weisberg said.

Weisberg coaches a different Optimist team and said certain precautions are taken.

"I'm not going to put myself in a position, nor is my wife going to put them in a position where they are ever alone with a coach, alone with somebody that isn't one of us, or a relative," he said. "As a coach myself I would never give a kid a ride home by himself, never. I would always make sure my son was with me...or my family was with me or something like that and I encourage parents to do the same thing."

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