Murdered Man Stuffed in Freezer Burns Suspected Killer

Note from the grave fingers friend for slaying

A man whose large body was stuffed into a small freezer may have helped finger his murderer from beyond the grave.
Stephen Febonio of Delray Beach went missing on Aug. 24, 2007, but before he went he had some last words for his father.
"If I don't come back for a couple of days, go to my room and see the note I left," Febonio told his dad, Edwin, according to the Sun-Sentinel.
The note had the name of a friend, Jose Alfaro, the man who Febonio suspected would kill him. It also had the address of a pot grow house that the two had worked on.
Police say Febonio, 45, and Alfaro, 27, helped build the grow house in 2007, with Alfaro owing Febonio $10,000 for drywall work.
It was a debt Alfaro didn't intend to pay, and apparently Febonio paid with his life.
In March Febonio's 200-pound frame was found bent, twisted and shoved into a four-by-four-foot freezer buried in a yard, and police said it's all because he threatened to rat out Alfaro and the house.
Alfaro might never have been a suspect if it hadn't been for the note Febonio left. The two were friends who had worked together in auto-body shops in Boynton Beach.
Now cops are on the hunt for Alfaro, who was charged last week with first-degree murder. He has yet to be found.

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