NBC 6 Responds Helps Driver with SunPass Billing Problem

Randy Brandon drives a hybrid vehicle and took the necessary steps to help save money on her commute.

“The car is a little more expensive but it still made sense,” said Brandon.

She commuted months without any issues. Until August when five $50 withdrawals were taken out of her bank account by SunPass.

“How would you like it if someone just went into your checking account and took $300 out of your checking account,” Brandon asked.

She said it happened around the same time the Florida Department of Transportation announced millions of backlogged transactions were posting to drivers’ SunPass Accounts. This stemmed from a system overhaul in June that prevented customers from being able to monitor their SunPass accounts for longer than expected.

Randy said when she spoke with a SunPass Customer Service representative she was told to fill out a reimbursement form and submit copies of her bank statements. So she did.

Randy said she was told it would take 10 business days before she would see all of her money back. But when 10 days passed, she called back again.

“I was practically stalking them. I was calling them every week or two,” said Brandon.

Two months later, three of the five withdrawals were reimbursed. But she said she couldn’t get answers about why she hadn’t received the rest of her money. That’s when she called NBC 6 Responds.

“At that point I had just about had it and I said this is ridiculous,” said Brandon.

We called Sunpass and was told to contact the Florida Department of Transportation. A media representative with FDOT sent us this statement, “The Department is committed to providing the customer service that SunPass customers expect and deserve. The Department is in the process of researching the account holder that is referenced in your email. We will follow up with the account holder.

Soon after Randy got the missing refunds credited to her account. Now Randy says she wants something else.

“I think that they owe me an apology,” Brandon told us.

Neither SunPass nor the Florida Department of Transportation would verify if Brandon’s case is connected to the problems the system had earlier this summer.

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