New Rule at Hard Rock COVID-19 Testing Site Restricts Minors from Being Tested

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Florida authorities have announced expanded criteria for adults at the Hard Rock Stadium coronavirus testing site, restricting minors from being tested.

At a news conference on Sunday, state officials announced anyone who is 18 years or older with valid identification could be tested at the drive-thru site, regardless of whether or not they are showing symptoms of the virus.

Minors, however, would no longer be tested.

Mike Jachles, chair of the Florida Association of Public Information Officers, said the lax rules for adults evolved as the site procured an “ample” amount of testing kits.

“Initially, [the site’s original mission] was ensuring we had an adequate supply of test collection kits that we could conduct those tests,” said Jachles.

In early April, people of all ages were allowed to be tested at the site, so long as they showed symptoms of the virus.

Jachles says “complexities” with testing children in vehicles forced Sunday’s rule change.

“We’re not testing children at this site, but we can refer you to a site that will accommodate children,” Jachles said.

Officials also added that only people in the first two rows of a vehicle will be tested, citing the safety of workers being compromised attempting to administer a test in the third row. No more than five people will be tested.

Jachles says Hard Rock Stadium can administer 750 tests every day.

Over 21,000 tests have been administered since the site opened.

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