New ‘YouTube Originals' Highlights Maluma's Journey Into Superstardom

On the heels of his fourth studio album titled “11:11” and his worldwide performance with the Material Girl herself at the Billboard Music Awards last month, Colombian singing star Maluma treats his legion of followers to a ‘YouTube Originals’ documentary about his personal journey into superstardom.

“People think that everything that has happened in my career has been handed to me but no, there is a story behind all this,” said Maluma. “This is my journey, my story, this is my life!“

Titled “Maluma: Lo Que Era, Lo Que Soy, Lo Que Seré” (Maluma: What I Was, What I am, What I Will Be) is a film directed by Dominican filmmaker Jessy Terrero and produced by Cinema Giants.

The 90-munite documentary takes the viewer into the singer’s humble beginnings in Medellin, Colombia and it gives a personal inside look into Maluma’s personal family struggles that according to him, is what help shape him into the hardworking and dedicated businessman behind the artist he is today.

This special feature is free of charge and it’s available on YouTube and YouTube premium.

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