Nicole Grier Picked Up Her Son From Babysitters Before She Was Shot to Death in Lauderhill

Tamala Watson returned to her home in Washington Park on Tuesday after spending most of her day at the funeral home.

She had been making arrangements to lay to rest her 19-year-old daughter Nicole Grier, who was gunned down outside a home at 3320 Northwest 18th St. in Lauderhill late Monday night.

Watson called for whoever is responsible to come forward.

“You left an 11-month-old baby without a mother. Turn yourself in!” she said. “Someone took her life for nothing.”

Camille Watkins and her daughter Satricia Jordan said that Grier, who was a close friend of theirs, came to Northwest 18th Street to pick up her son. They were babysitting him.

According to Jordan, things took a turn for the worst when Grier picked up her boy and took him to the car.

“She was walking to the car and she put her baby inside the car and that’s when these two cars came up, a white Lexus and a black BMW,” Jordan said.

Watkins said, “I heard like five or six gunshots.”

Jordan added, "She was telling them to stop because she didn’t want that to happen to her but then they just kept shooting at her.”

Watkins, who was in the shower, said she jumped out and rushed to Grier’s side.

“Someone else called 911 and I just kept telling her to hold on, hold on,” Watkins said.

The 19-year-died from her wounds, and now police are offering a $3,000 reward for information that will lead them to the suspects responsible.

The grieving process is just starting to begin for the victim’s family, who cannot fathom why Grier would be the target.

“I’m just hoping and thinking it wasn’t for her, it wasn’t for her,” her stepfather Keith Bosket said.

Watson is now going to have to raise her grandson and find a way to mark his first birthday and then bury her daughter on consecutive days.

“I will bury my daughter on the 11th of January and he will be a year old on the 10th of January,” she said.

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