Murder Trial

No Verdict on Day 2 of Jury Deliberations in Escapee Resiles' Murder Trial

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After two days of deliberations, jurors still haven’t reached a verdict in the murder trial of Davonte Resiles, who escaped from the Broward County courthouse back in 2016. Resiles was charged with killing Jill Halliburton Su in 2014.

Su was stabbed to death and tied by her wrists and ankles in her davie home.

During closing arguments Friday, prosecutors went over the gruesome details of Su’s murder.

“Chased her out the house, drug her back in, tied her up while she’s alive, puts her in the tub and stabs her,” a prosecutor said. 

Prosecutors also presented evidence of the suspect’s DNA found in the home and on the murder weapon.

The defense claims someone else did it.

”There is reasonable doubt in this case,” the defense lawyer said. “Justice would be to find him not guilty.”

Resiles became infamous after escaping the Broward County courthouse back in 2016.

Prosecutors say he had help from the inside to get out. Law enforcement caught him days later in a hotel in Palm Beach County..

His family argues he ran because he is innocent.

If convicted, Resiles could face the death penalty.

Jury deliberations continue Sunday at 9am. 

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