‘I Want Justice': Viewing for Toddler Who Died in Day Care Van

Loved ones will gather Friday evening at a viewing service for the 2-year-old boy who was found dead inside an Oakland Park day care van nearly two weeks ago.

The owner of Ceressa's Daycare surrendered her license to the county this week. It has been closed since Noah Sneed's death on July 29.

A final inspection report revealed the van driver did not follow required state rules about transporting kids and turned off the van's alarm before any of the children were out of the vehicle. The alarm could have prevented tragedies like Sneed's death.

The child was in the van for five hours before anyone noticed he was in there. Temperatures were up to the 90's that day.

Investigators have yet to identify the driver responsible for leaving him in there. No arrests have been made.

"I want to see someone arrested, whoever is at fault for my grandbaby passing away in that van, yes I do," said his grandmother, Charlene Brooks. "He didn't deserve that, yes I do, I want justice for my grandbaby, yes I do."

Sneed's burial is scheduled for Saturday.

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