North Miami Seeks to Heal Relations With Residents After Police Involved Shooting

Nearly a year after North Miami was thrust in the spotlight following the controversial shooting of a behavioral therapist by one of their officers, the city is hoping to make peace between residents and their police department.

City Manager Larry Spring is calling a meeting Wednesday in an effort to bring the city together after the July 2016 shooting of Charles Kinsey. Video captured the moments when Kinsey, who was lying on the road while his autistic patient was sitting next to him, was shot by Officer Jonathan Aledda. Kinsey was struck in the leg and eventually recovered.

Aledda is schedule to go to trial in October. Kinsey’s patient, who was holding a toy truck that some officers thought was a gun, was not hurt.

The shooting has led to several changes in the city, including the firing of Emile Hollant – the police commander in charge at the time of the shooting – and the city’s police chief, Gary Eugene, being placed on paid leave just last week as a result of the city’s investigation.

Eugene has until July 7th to accept that leave or he will be fired.

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