Now Hiring: Burger Flippers, Hold the Spies

McDonald's Guantanamo is looking for a few good men

We know it's hard finding a job in Miami these days, but would anyone really consider relocating to Cuba to flip burgers?

Well McDonald's sure hopes so. The fast food chain is advertising nationwide for a few good men or women to join their Guantanamo Bay operation.

The official job position is assistant manager and comes with a few added bonuses that Ronald McDonald doesn't offer state side. The fast food chain will pay half your rent and utilities and you won't have to pay federal or social security taxes.

No word if they go halvsies on security to and from the restaurant.

The ad requests applicants have "restaurant management experience, possess a valid United States passport, and be willing to relocate to Cuba." We like how they added the "living in communist country" clause at the end of the requirements.

Surprisingly, speaking Spanish is optional.

With unemployment at an all-time high in the state, serving fries to the Castros doesn't sound all that bad as long as that steady paycheck is coming in.

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