Nun's Arrest Causes Holy Mess

Sister busted after stepping in between cops and knife-wielding man

When cops confronted a homeless man with a knife, this twisted sister wasn't going to take it.

Miami police busted Sister Margaret Anthony and charged her with disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice after the nutty nun stepped in as police dealt with a crazed man who was waving a knife and an ice pick.

"She was loud. She was belligerent. She was defiant," Delrish Moss, of the Miami Police Department, told WSVN.

The holy mess happened Monday outside the Missionaries of Charity shelter, where Sister Margaret works.

The officer said the screwy sister "walked toward me flaring her arms" and yelled at the officer while standing between the cop and the homeless man.

He said he arrested her for distracting him and delaying him from arresting the armed suspect. Anthony faces misdemeanor charges for her sister act.

"I don't think the police officer felt good that he had to arrest a nun," Moss said.

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