Occupy Miami Celebrates Its Two-Month Anniversary

Thursday marked the two-month anniversary of the movement.

Occupy Miami celebrated its two-month anniversary Thursday as protesters marched through downtown Miami.
Protesters chanted "No justice, no peace" and "We are the 99 percent" as they walked down the city streets.
The group made stops at the International Monetary Fund building and several bank locations. They read a list of grievances in front of the courthouse.
Occupy Miami's Kevin Young  told NBC Miami they were marching because they believe banks receive trillions of dollars in bailouts and  then foreclose homes.
"At a time like this when the middle class is dying and poor people are suffering, why are banks getting away with giving bonuses to their top executives, cutting jobs on the bottom level and still not paying any taxes? That's why we're here today," said Young.
The number of participants in the weekday marches have been dwindling, but Occupy protesters expect their numbers to increase on the weekend when people are not working, Young said.
"It would be better for me to be at work for my own finances, but right now, this to me is more important," said Young.

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