Officer Buys Woman Car Seats Instead Of Giving Traffic Citation

A Milwaukee police officer’s act of kindness during a routine traffic stop is inspiring many people across social media.

Officer Kevin Zimmermann pulled over Andrella Jackson for driving a car with the wrong registration, according to WTMJ-TV. But when he noticed two kids in the back not sitting in car seats, he inquired about it.

“I didn’t observe any child restraints or even seat belts and I asked why the kids aren’t in car seats,” he told the station. “She said, she can’t afford them at this time.”

That’s when Zimmerman stepped in and bought two car seats for Jackson, the Milwaukee Police Department posted on Facebook.

“The officer observed that the children in the car seat were not properly restrained and took it upon himself to purchase two car seats for her,” the department wrote. “Thank you Officer Zimmerman for going the extra mile and going above and beyond your call of duty.”

The department shared a photo collage showing Zimmerman installing the seat and posing with the two kids.

Additionally, Jackson posted about the generous act on Facebook, giving a shout-out to Officer Zimmerman for helping her and her girls out.

“We appreciate it a lot,” she wrote.

Comments on the police station's Facebook post commend Zimmerman for his act of humanity and for staying true to "serving and protecting."

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