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On Transgender Remembrance Day, South Florida Remembers Yuni Carey And Transgender Lives Lost Due to Violence

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In a virtual rembrance, a candle was lit for Yuni Carey’s life Friday along with other transgender women and men whose lives have been cut short by violence this year.

“Beautiful, radiant, vibrant, smart, funny was murdered by her husband in her own high rise,” said organizer LJ Woolston.

Carey was a 39-year-old transgender woman who was a well-known drag entertainer and pageant queen in the LGBTQ community.

On Tuesday, police say Carey’s husband Ygor Arroudasouza called 911 and said he stabbed his wife.

Police found a bloody knife and fork inside their apartment.

"It was brutal," Woolston said. "It was wrong. It was unfair. She was taken from us way too soon."

Bianca Moya helped organize the virtual event.

“I cried,” Moya said. “I didn’t know her personally, but I still felt her because like any other transgender woman you feel your sister and you feel like that could’ve been me.”

Carey performed at Azucar nightclub in Miami for more than five years.

The venue also honored the entertainer Friday night.

Many in the transgender community say the the violent murder is a painful reminder of the danger they face.

“That is something that we have to live with everyday trying to make sure that we survive,” Moya said.

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