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Owners of So. Fla. Bakery Say They Are Being Harassed by Anti-Gay Activists

The owners of a Miami Shores bakery claim they are being harassed for being gay friendly.

It's clear by the rainbow flag sticker on the front window of Enchanting Creations that the bakery has no problem serving the gay community. But instead of being asked if they would make cakes for gay weddings, the opposite happened.

Not just one, but dozens of people called asking if the business would make anti-gay cakes. The simple response they would hear from customers was "it's just a cake"

"It is, we make cakes, that's what we do... this isn't supposed to be a political arena," said co-owner Romina Hartman.

For seven years, sugar has been the specialty at Enchanting Creations but recently the kitchen was battered with requests to make what they consider hate cakes.

"Our main belief is that every customer should be treated as equal," said co-owner Karen Matamoros. "Just because I don't believe in how you feel, think or believe, doesn't mean that I shouldn't treat you as a human being."

It started with an email that read, "I have been searching the South Florida area for a bakery that would welcome equality and support straight pride in Florida. Would you bake me a cake that says 'Straight is how our God designed us?'"

The LGBT friendly vendor answered, "Yes, please place your order." But instead of an order, Enchanting Creations started getting dozens of phone calls asking if the bakery would create cakes that say, “Men have the right to rape," "No age is too young for sex," and "Could I get a cake made for a pedophilia parade?"

"The more we said yes, I guess they didn't want to hear yes, so they would push it and push it and push it, to try to get a negative answer from us," said Matamoros.

So the business came up with a policy that's frosted with their obligation to serve the public, but draws the line at obscene and offensive requests that even the first amendment provides exclusions to.

"The cakes we make would be, for instance, if somebody asked 'straight is the way our God made us,' yes, we would make that cake," Hartman said. "The silhouette with the 'X' over it.. we make that cake. 'Marriage is between a man and woman'... we make that cake."

But there's a caveat, the owners won't eat the profit of any hate cakes baked out of here, the money will go straight to gay rights groups.

"Whenever you meet a negative with a negative it only increases the negative, and we needed to find some kind of positive answer for this scenario because it just didn't sit well with our conscience," Hartman said.

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