Penny-Pinching Pol a Free Food Freak

S. Florida politician's stimulus package: free eats from CostCo

Times are tough for everybody these days, including politicians, but one local pol is sharing his secret to beating the economic strain: free food from grocery stores.

In a 650+ word missive on the Huffington Post about the joys of food freebies, Broward Democratic Party Chairman Mitch Ceasar  talks about spending his weekends trolling the aisles of CostCo, Publix, Whole Foods and Crown Liquors for the best handouts.

"There is nothing more rewarding than something for nothing," Ceasar writes. "Haven't you ever said to yourself, 'It's lunchtime, where can I eat cheap; or better yet, for free?'"

Ceasar's favorite spot is CostCo, where he advises moochers to push a cart around with items that you're pretending you'll buy. He also suggests you become good friends with the different servers, and to use your spouses, children or old people to grab extra goodies.

After getting a good sampling and stuffing his face, Ceasar likes to kick back in the patio section, as long as quality freebies are close by.

"After one full trip around the store has occurred, you must proceed immediately to the patio furniture section. There, you will discover beautiful large comfy chairs, couches, and barbecue pits," Ceasar advises. "Always balance the interests of location and comfort prior to your seating."

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