Photos of Father and Son From Kindergarten To College Gain National Attention

A pair of photos featuring a dad and his son starting two different stages of school has gained national attention as a new school year approaches.

Charles Brockman III said his dad has driven him to school almost every day from the time he started Kindergarten through his senior year of high school.

On the first day of every school year, his parents dropped him off together and took a picture of him in front of the school. When Brockman started college, the tradition continued.

On Sunday, Brockman posted side-by-side images of him and his dad on his first day of kindergarten and the day he moved into college on Twitter.

"As embarrassing as a teen might think that is, I still appreciated it because it made me feel good knowing that I had two big supporters that are cheering for me and rooting for me to do my best in school," Brockman said in a Twitter message to NBC.

As of Wednesday morning, the tweet had been retweeted 63,113 times and collected more than 260,000 likes.

Brockman is attending Mississippi State and plans to run track, according to his Twitter page, which also says he is from Plano, Texas.

"Walking with my dad in college made me and him feel good," Brockman said in the message. "We knew it would be the last time for a while so I am glad he and my mother could help me move in."

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