Pizza Delivery Punching Prosecutor Resigns

Embattled Miami-Dade prosecutor leaves State Attorney's Office

The Miami-Dade prosecutor who lost his cool with a pizza delivery girl, yelling at her and striking her, has resigned from his post.

David Ranck was suspended without pay on June 1 after he was charged with misdemeanor battery in the incident, and Sunday he e-mailed his resignation to State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

"I know that we will always be in each other's thoughts and I look forward to our future dealings," he wrote Rundle, according to the Miami Herald.

Ranck, 54, had been with the State Attorney's Office for nearly 25 years, though his tenure was not without controversy.

The bombastic prosecutor was reprimanded after he cursed at a defense attorney during a 2005 murder trial, resulting in a mistrial and freedom for the suspect.

And last year, Ranck sued Rundle, claiming she wrongfully suspended him for posting a private memo about his doubt in a deadly police shooting. He lost the case.

Ranck is awaiting trial in the battery case, and his lawyer says he plans on going into private practice.

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