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Police Arrest Man Accused of Stealing Trailer Full of Christmas Toys for Needy Children

The man faces charges of grand theft and driving with a suspended license

Miami-Dade Corrections

Police have arrested a man they say stole a trailer filled with toys for needy children just one week before Christmas.

According to an arrest report, 50-year-old Oscar Gomezguerra was caught on surveillance video taking the trailer from St. Kevin's Church located in Southwest Miami-Dade.

Just two days after the trailer was stolen, an anonymous caller tipped off police about the whereabouts of Gomezguerra and the trailer, according to the report.

City of Miami Police were able to find the trailer in a vacant lot just outside of Brownsville. However, Gomezguerra was nowhere to be found.

Credit: Miami-Dade Police

It wasn't until last week, police say they pulled Gomezguerra over for making an illegal turn. After running his driver's license, police found it had been suspended 9 times.

Credit: Miami-Dade Police

He was arrested shortly after and later positively identified as the person seen in surveillance footage stealing from the church, the report says.

Gomezguerra now faces charges of grand theft and driving with a suspended license.

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