Man Injured in Police-Involved Shooting Involving North Miami Police Officer

A man was injured in a police-involved shooting involving North Miami Police officers Monday, officials said.

The shooting was reported in the area of Northeast 127th Street and Northeast 14th Avenue.

"Officers did respond in reference to something going on here, someone possibly being armed and that's what we got," North Miami Police spokesperson Natalie Buissereth said.

Authorities said the man was airlifted to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No officers were injured.

Police didn't identify the man. Neighbors said the man was working nearby.

"Somehow someone got shot who is my employee and the individual who lives in the house was sitting in the car for two and a half hours in handcuffs," said Clint Bower, who works with disabled adults.

Bower said his employee, a man in his 40s, took a 24-year-old client who has autism on a walk. He said someone mistook what was in the young man's hands.

"The individual who lives here was walking down the street with a toy in his hand, someone called the police saying someone had a weapon, that's all we know," Bower said. "He's an unarmed person who got shot doing his job."

Police haven't confirmed if a weapon was found at the scene. Bower said neither man carried a gun.

"It wasn't a weapon, it was a toy truck, he likes to hold toys in his hand. If you go in his room he's got toys all on his windowsill," Bower said.

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