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Police: Miami Sports Host Assaults 70-Year-Old Man

A popular radio host has been arrested in Boca Raton after he allegedly assaulted a 70-year-old man.

Ethan Skolnik was staying at the victim’s home, as he is currently getting a divorce from his wife. When police arrived at the home, they checked on Skolnik, as they had received reports from his wife that he made suicidal statements to her.

According to police, Skolnik told police that he was okay. They eventually left.

Police were called back to the victim’s home, as he allegedly beat the victim. The victim had a bloody nostril and an injury to his arm. The victim also indicated that Skolnik had beaten him the week prior.

Skolnik was eventually arrested. He was charged with assault and battery on an elderly person.

Skolnik is a radio DJ at 790 The Ticket and a writer for the NBA.

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