Police Round Up Drug Suspects in City of Miami

City of Miami Police served warrants and rounded up suspects on a variety of charges Wednesday.

The warrants were being served for various crimes and violations related to drugs. Police haven't said how many suspects were taken into custody or what exact charges they'll face.

The corner of Northwest 3rd Avenue and Northwest 20th Terrace in Overtown was the home base for the crime sweep.

An estimated 50 officers were working on the sweep targeting the areas of Allapattah, Wynwood, Overtown and Downtown Miami.

Police said the arrests were in response to community crime concerns. Money, drugs and other items were seized.

"We are basically cleaning up the streets for our community, letting them know that we do care. We are not going to tolerate drug sales, usage, or other crimes," said Freddie Cruz with Miami Police.

Law enforcement officers said consistency is the only way to curb the crime.

"We are consistently putting them in jail as often as possible," said Commander Jose Alfonso with Miami Police.

No further information was released on the sweep.

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