Poll: 46% Don't Care Who Controls Congress

Congressional approval ratings have hovered around 10-12 percent for most of the last few years, but that doesn’t mean the American people are ready to do anything about the entity they see so poorly.

According to a new Associated Press-GfK poll, 46 percent of Americans surveyed didn’t care which party had control of Congress. Currently, Republicans control the House of Representatives and Democrats control the Senate.

Overall, two-thirds of those surveyed said they wanted their current representative voted out of office, which if it happened would flip both houses of Congress, politically speaking. In addition, 56 percent disapproved of the way President Barack Obama is doing his job.

The poll found that Democrats have gained a small edge since a previous AP poll in March, but there is still a lot in the poll that may bode well for the Republican Party heading into November’s mid-term Congressional elections.

Republicans are more likely than Democrats or independents to value who controls Congress and the conservative base is more excited than the Democratic base. Historically, Republicans also dominate the mid-term turnout which should bode well for the party if that holds true.

Overall, thanks largely to gerrymandering, Republicans are expected to retain control of the House of Representatives. In the Senate, there are several key races up for grabs and depending on which way the election falls, Republicans could re-take control of the Senate this year.

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