Pop Warner Deflates Hopes of 3 Miami Teams

Parents, players upset after league drops kids

Some local little footballers may have to watch from the sidelines this season after the Greater Miami Pop Warner League voted to keep three teams out of its retooled league last night.

In May, the League decided to disband and reform, meaning all teams would have to reapply to be a part of the new league. Four teams would be left without a spot: The Moore Park Generals, Helping Hand Bulls, Liberty Square Colts and Opa-Locka Hurricanes.

During last night's meeting at Suniland Park in Pinecrest, the Generals learned they'll be the only team spared. Officials said The Bulls, Colts and Hurricanes missed the deadline to reapply.

The teams without a league can apply to join another, though there likely won't be room for them.

"It's clear that they actually have malice in their heart and they're doing things for unseen reasons," said Adrian Williams, whose son plays for the Bulls. "It's incredible that they would stoop that low to punish kids for some political gain."

League President Frank Gowin explained why the old league was disbanded last night.

"The majority of the members of the old league were upset at the chaotic and disfunctional way the league was being run," Gowin said.    

The Miami Pop Warner League, started in 1972, is a non-profit organization that gives local kids who maintain academic standards a chance to play football. Over 3,500 children participate, according to the organization's Website. Over 400,000 kids nationwide participate in the program.

The Greater Miami Pop Warner League has produced NFL stars like Antwan Barnes and Antrelle Rolle and one of the teams was coached by 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell.

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