Possible Tornadoes Touch Down in South Florida

Locals report early morning damage and train sounds

Neighborhoods in Broward and Miami-Dade counties are picking up the pieces this afternoon after what they claim were a series of tornadoes that touched down early Monday morning.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado did indeed hit Oakland Park, but not in southern Miami-Dade, where similar damage reports were coming in. A tornado warning was issued for Homestead around 1 p.m., but that has since been lifted.

The tornado was a mini-twister by weather standards, with 80 mph winds. It was as wide as a football field and stayed on the ground for about five miles.

The terrible weather dropped buckets of rain and strong sustained winds that tossed garbage cans, picnic tables and other objects through the air in Oakland Park. Power was knocked out to about 4,200 FPL customers.

No one has been reported injured during this bad weather and no dogs have been swept up in the process.

Trained spotters said at least one tornado was spotted over Oakland Park. Surveillance video from a warehouse captured some of the carnage as trailers were tossed about.

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