Owner of Pulse Nightclub Outraged by Massacre Re-enactment, Demands Network Doesn’t Show It

A dramatic and to some— offensive— re-enactment of the Pulse tragedy is a promotional spot for a show set to air on Univision.

The title in English is called "Blood Bath," and the announcer says "few would escape death... maximum terror..the strength of the human spirit."

"It's very upsetting. Its sensationalistic. The title is totally inappropriate," said Monica Trasandes. "It's just too painful for people."

Trasandes with GLAAD says there should have been far more community involvement in the story.

"There were about 300 people in the club that night," she said. "So there are hundreds of people in Orlando if not thousands and around the country for whom this was 9/11 this was the worst tragedy we've experienced in our community.

The owner of Pulse nightclub issued a statement regarding the promotional video:

“I am sickened by Univision’s senseless act of exploitation, which is clearly a sleazy attempt to shock and attract viewers. This graphic reenactment of one of the most terrifying nights in modern American history, does nothing but re-terrorize the victims, their loved ones and all who responded to help."

The reenactment was taped at Azucar, a gay night club in Miami. The space contracted out.

"My reaction was pain," said Ron Brenesky, Club Azucar Spokesperson. "Pain because if you have lost family or you lost friends obviously that's sad to see, that's my reaction but its something that has to be talked about."

The spokesperson for the club says he's seen the trailer— but he'll be watching the actual show to make sure it doesn't cross the line.

"We have not seen all of it. We would have to wait," he said. "According to Univision, they have assured us that they have been sensitive to the LGBTQ community."

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