Puppies Rescued From Apartment Fire in Miami

Miami firefighters and a fact-acting neighbor rescued a group of puppies from a fire at an apartment Friday.

The fire was reported at the building at Northeast 6th Avenue and 24th Street, Miami Fire Rescue officials said.

Officials said a mother poodle and three puppies were rescued but four other puppies died in the fire.

Footage showed fire rescue workers treating and comforting the dogs outside the apartment.

Resident Marialy Martinez was reunited with the surviving dogs. She said she was at a neighbor's house when she heard the fire alarm and doesn't know how the fire started.

"There was a man I am grateful to because he saved the four dogs," Martinez said in Spanish.

The mother and one of her pups were taken to Knowles Animal Clinic. No humans were injured in the fire.

"We gave her oxygen right away, checked her temp to make sure she wasn't hypoglycemic, we focused on warming her up," said Dr. Emily Abraham, a veterinarian at the clinic.

The cause of the fire was unknown.

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