Puppies Saved From Dirty Dog Store to Go Up for Adoption

Pooches from Wizard of Claws to look for a home

The dog days at the Wizard of Claws are over.

A total of 32 of man's best friend were removed Monday by the Humane Society from the Pembroke Pines pet store that passed off puppy mill pooches as designer dogs and is now going bankrupt.

"This facility is in bankruptcy and its assets are being liquidated beacuse it was in the business of selling puppy mill dogs to unsuspecting consumers," said Jonathan Lovvorn, with the Humane Society of the U.S.

The puppies were headed to the auction block as part of the bankruptcy proceedings but an anonymous donor stepped in to provide funding to the Humane Society, which plans to put them up for adoption.

"We are not saying they are going to have health problems but there's a good chance that they might," said Cherie Wachter with the Broward Humane Society. "So that's why our clinic staff is going to check them out and hopefully we're going to have them for adoption, possibly by Saturday." 

Experts say puppy mills often have inhumane conditions which can lead to sick or genetically defective dogs.

Despite store closures and hundreds of complaints, Wizard of Claws employees say that the dogs were treated well and that they had no idea they came from puppy mills.

"I think this family's being duped, I think they've been zoned in on. Unfortunately they've ruined their lives, they've ruined their health and their family," said former employee Mary Goist. "I think they should look at everybody else because everybody is doing the same thing."

The dogs include Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Pomeranians, Dachshunds, and Shih-tzus. For info on adopting a puppy check out www.humanebroward.com

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