Real TV: Boat Explodes During Filming of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

Reality TV crew was on board with firefighters as a yacht goes up in flames

An enormous boat fire on Biscayne Bay turned Reality TV into real must-see television on Tuesday.

CMT's new reality series "Danger Coast" was filming a group of Miami-Dade firefighters for the premier on Friday, when a 56-foot yacht "Kemosabe" went up in smoke with passengers on board.

With camera crews in tow, the fire rescue boat rushed to the scene and found Donald and Natalie Hannon had already abandoned ship and jumped into the water.

Then the firefighters got busy doing what they do best - making good TV. Unfortunately, the firefighters couldn't save the boat, but that could always be edited away.

The Kemosabe burned until it finally broke apart and sank to the bottom of the bay.

The TV series is actually supposed to focus on the county's Marine Operations Bureau and their efforts to rescue people lost at sea near Miami. But what you watch on Friday at 9:30 p.m. will be reality TV at its realest.

Finally, a reality show based in Miami  that is true to its name.

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