Brandon Lopez

Red Light Cameras to Begin Fining Drivers in Pembroke Pines

Drivers, beware: starting on Friday, red light cameras will go live at two Pembroke Pines intersections.

The warning period has ended for two newly-installed red light cameras, and more are on the way.

The cameras are located at the intersection of eastbound Johnson Street and Colony Point, as well as at the intersection of westbound Pembroke Road and 129th Avenue.

Those cameras will start taking pictures that translate into hefty fines for red light runners.

Starting Friday, the penalty for running a red light at either of those intersections will be $159.

City officials implemented a warning period as part of the rollout of those cameras, but it has since ended.

To name a few, here’s a list of some of the red light cameras going up:

  • Northbound Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard
  • Eastbound Pines Boulevard and Flamingo Road
  • Westbound Pines Boulevard and 72nd Avenue

A 30-day warning period will also be implemented at those intersections, as well.

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