Fort Lauderdale

Reported Threat Made by St. Thomas Aquinas High Student

A reported threat by a student at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale had other students and parents on edge Monday.

Parents lined up outside the school Monday eager to take their kids out because the rumor mill was churning.

"Some kid said he was going to bring a gun and shoot the school," sophomore Cameron Swain said.

"It is just like a regular day and you hear about this kind of stuff and you're like whoa, I could get shot," student Alan Telfort said.

The incident began with chatter over the weekend that a student Would show up Monday with a weapon. Swain said it started on social media.

"I heard it was on Snapchat and Twitter and Instagram I think," Swain said. "I don't know, like I don't know what it was specifically but I just heard he was going to bring a gun."

In fact posts were tweeted saying the school wasn't under any imminent threat or danger but had four police cars outside. Another tweet showed a teacher covering windows with the student's caption reading "her homeroom teacher was scared."

Fort Lauderdale Police were high-profile at the school Monday, telling NBC 6 they investigated the threat and found it to be unsubstantiated.

While some kids felt uncomfortable and left, not Natalia Wozab, a senior, who said she wasn't interested in missing a day of classes.

"They handled it so I mean I was kind of worried, I heard the kid was not at school anyways, so I was not worried about it," Wozab said.

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