Reports Detail Miramar Robbery That Led to Fatal Shooting of Teen Suspect

Feb. 14 robbery and shooting that left 16-year-old dead was captured on video

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A botched armed robbery in a Miramar community that ended with a 16-year-old suspect fatally shot and two other teens behind bars was captured on surveillance cameras, according to newly released arrest affidavits.

The affidavits released late Monday give new details on the Feb. 14 incident in the Silver Shores gated community that ended in the death of 16-year-old Azarya Murphy.

According to the affidavits, Murphy and two other suspects, one 16 and the other 17, had approached a man who was sitting at the community's gazebo watching videos on his phone.

The man said the three suspects demanded his phone and backpack, and one pointed a gun at his chest while the other two removed his property.

The man said the three suspects started to flee but one was still pointing a gun at him, and that's when he pulled out his own gun and opened fire on the suspects, the affidavits said.

"According to the robbery victim, he observed what he appeared to be a gun pointing in his direction," the affidavits said. "The victim perceived this as a threat and stated he was in fear for his life. The robbery victim engaged the threat as he discharged his firearm."

The mother of a slain teen who was suspected in a robbery in Miramar is speaking out. NBC 6's Laura Rodriguez reports

Murphy was shot in the back of the head and died at a local hospital. The other two teens fled the scene on foot.

A small black handgun that didn't belong to the robbery victim was found inches away from where Murphy was found, the affidavits said.

Three spent casings were recovered at the scene, with two matching the ammunition from the robbery victim's gun and one matching the ammo from the suspect's gun, though ballistic results are pending, the affidavits said.

The affidavits said surveillance video from the gazebo showed the suspects approaching the victim before a struggle ensued and the suspects fled.

"During their departure, video shows the armed suspect pointing the gun backwards in the direction of the victim," the affidavits said.

Videos also showed the three teens together before the armed robbery at one of their houses in the community, and just two teens returning to the home after the shooting, the affidavits said.

The victim's keys were found at one of the teens' homes, and his backpack was found in a nearby lake, the affidavits said.

The two teens who survived are facing armed robbery charges. The robbery victim who shot Murphy isn't facing charges.

Murphy's mother, Rhonda Fraser, said she still has questions she wants answered.

"All they're going off of is what the so-called victim alleges," Fraser said Monday. "Hopefully these boys can put a light on what really happened."

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