Dolphin Mall Reopens After Reported Shooting Incident

Police say no victims or reported injuries

Dolphin Mall is expected to reopen Sunday after dozens of police officers and rescue workers responded to the mall Saturday night amid reports of gunshots.

The mall on Northwest 12th Street was evacuated after witnesses reported hearing gunshots and video posted on social media showed frantic shoppers running through the mall.

"At first I thought it was like some kind of event but then people started running inside the store and then the air conditioning suddenly turned off, and were like yelling, crying, it was very scary," mall worker Edward Nunez said. "We saw the SWAT moving through the hallways and screaming like 'move, move, and 'get out, get out' and it was very scary."

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One video posted on Twitter showed an officer walking through the mall with what looked like a rifle. Witnesses said they saw shoppers hiding in stores.

Sweetwater Police officials called for back up from Miami-Dade and all local authorities as they responded, prepared to encounter an active shooter scenario.

"If anyone is in the mall or any situation where a crime is occurring or something isn't right- just call us right away," Miami-Dade Police Department detective Argemis Colome said. "Alert the authorities so we can get to the scene faster, render aid quicker and we can make sure everyone is safe."

Officials said there were no victims or injuries reported.

Miami Dade County Police continue their investigation as to what sparked that initial call of people running out of Dolphin Mall yelling that shots were fired.

The mall is expected to reopen Sunday.

The busy mall is Miami-Dade County's largest shopping center.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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