Rescued Puppy Recovering After Doctors Say It Was Shot in Mouth

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A dog is recovering after it was found shot in the mouth over the weekend in southwest Miami-Dade.

“It’s awful,” said Jill Banaszak with Grateful Paws Dog & Cat Rescue. 

Rescue teams found the stray Doberman - who was given the name Clover - Sunday in Redland. Banaszak helped bring her to Hollywood Animal Hospital. 

“How can someone do this to something that can’t help themselves?” Banaszak asked. “I think that as we become a little bit numb in society sometimes to some of the grievances of pets and sometimes children as well, it’s heartbreaking.”

With the extent of her injuries and metal pieces in her mouth, doctors believe Clover was shot and has been injured for at least a week. 

Clover underwent surgery last night at a Hollywood animal hospital where bullet fragments were removed from her cheek. She is on pain medication and using a feeding tube but is expected to be okay.

Because of her injuries, even after surgery, Clover will have to learn how to eat and drink again. 

“That being mainly because of the part of her tongue that’s missing as well as part of her jaw that may be missing or just heal,” said Dr. Natalie Savo with Hollywood Animal Hospital. 

Banaszak said she sees harmed animals often, and it angers her. But for Clover, she’s looking on the bright side. 

“More hopeful in that her worst days are behind her and that she is going to recover,” said Banaszak.

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