Rothstein to Be Released to Give Deposition

South Florida Ponzi schemer to get temporary release to get grilled by lawyers

Convicted South Florida Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein is going to face the music yet again.

A federal judge ruled the former Fort Lauderdale attorney, currently serving a 50-year sentence for his $1.2 billion scheme, will be questioned by lawyers seeking to claim money from his former law firm, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Rothstein, 49, will be questioned under oath by creditors of the now-defunct Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm.

The disbarred Rothstein will be temporarily let out of prison to attend the deposition. Rothstein has been serving his sentence at an undisclosed location as part of the federal prisons' witness protection program.

The date and location of the deposition haven't been determined.

Rothstein pleaded guilty in January 2010 to five charges stemming from the scheme, which was used to fund his lavish lifestyle, which included several businesses, large homes and luxury sports cars. He was sentenced last summer.

Five of Rothstein's associates have been charged in the scheme, including attorney Howard Kusnick, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges Tuesday.

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