Rubber Check Bounces Would-Be Pol From Miami Beach Race

Mayoral candidate's bid ends after he can't cover check

Joshua LaRose's bid at becoming mayor of Miami Beach ended nearly as soon as it started when the would-be pol bounced a check, disqualifying him from the race.

The 28-year-old candidate didn't have sufficient funds in his account when he wrote a $1,360 qualifying check to the city, according to the Miami Herald.

LaRose, ironically enough, is the creator of the Florida Billionaires Political Committee and lists himself as a music producer and lobbyist, and has reported his net worth at $1 million.

LaRose, who is also entering the 2010 governor race and 2012 U.S. Senate Race, said Miami Beach's current Mayor, Matti Bower, is responsible for disqualifying him.

"She wants me out of the race," LaRose told the Herald, adding that he should have been given 48 hours to pay the fee.

LaRose reportedly submitted the check on Sept. 10, a day before the qualifying deadline. A week later, the check was returned with insufficient funds. LaRose said he had $2,500 in the account, but that the bank held a $2,000 check.

Miami Beach City Attorney Jose Smith said LaRose was disqualified because he "failed to comply with the City Charter's requirement that the qualifying fee be paid within the subject qualifying period."

Despite his millionaire claims, LaRose is no stranger to not being able to pay qualifying fees. Just last month, LaRose became a write-in candidate in the special election for State Senate District 8 after he couldn't pony up the cash for the $1,900 qualifying fee.

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